Maps and topo guides

Here are the walking and MTB maps and guides for sale at the Tourist Board.

Also at your disposal the Portes du Soleil MTB Guide, a free map showing you on one side the whole area map and on the other side the details of Châtel MTB map and equipments. You can get as well a map showing the themed trails, lacs, activities... available in the Abondance Valley (printed only in French).

You can also download those maps here beside.


The walking Portes du Soleil map .


2016 edition
Background:   IGN
Scale: 1/ 33 000.
Size (bended): 20 x12.2 cm.
Walks between France and Switzerland.
Reco: the complete map of the Portes du Soleil, Abondance Valley and Aulps Valley  walks.
Verso: suggestions of circuits to do with the Multi Pass.
Legend in French and English.


Price: €6


Le Chablais, les Portes du Soleil...à pied.


Book of 130 pages with a shining cover, sized 13,5 x 21cm.
In this topo guide you'll find: pratical and usefull information, information about fauna and flora, some of the history of the Portes du Soleil, texts about patrimony and to discover  the area, and 41 walking circuits.
Each circuit is explained with all details about duration, difficulty, signing and shown on a IGN background map.
Printed in French.


Price: €14


Balades et randonnées en Vallée d'Abondance.

Topo guide with 35  walks, sized 21 x 15cm, including  pratical and usefull information, 1 map of the Vallée, describing in details 32 different circuits on the Vallée d'Abondance area with: difficulty, duration, map, photos...
Printed in French.


Price : €5.

Portes du Soleil Mountain Bike trail map

Backround orthophotoplans of RGD 73-74 and Swiss National Map.
Scale: 1/35000m.
Recto & verso: maps of all the MTB circuits on the 12 resorts of the Portes du Soleil.
Legend with levels, type of trail, distance, difference in level...
Written in French and English.

Price: €5


Portes du Soleil VTOPO

Printed by Editions VTopo, it presents 56 detailed circuits for mountainbikers. Printed in French and in English.


Price: €20.23

Weather, Webcams, Open slopes
Photos and videos of Châtel resort
The Châtel's TV Channel, available on Youtube and on french DTT
Châtel's mountain bikepark