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The covered car parks:


The church's underground car park: 373 parking places at your disposal.

Located in the centre of the village, under the church square, the car park has 373 parking places including 10 places for disabled people. During  winter season it's open 24h/24, an automatic system allows you to get in and out.

Access free until 22nd December included.

Winter 2017.2018 prices :

Less than 1 h
From 1h to 1h15
From 1h15 to 1h30 3.10€ 3days
From 1h30 to 1h45 3.60€ 4days
From 1h45 to 2h 4.10€ 5days
From 2h to 3h
From 3h to 4h
From 4h to 5h
2 weeks
From 5h to 6h
From 6h to 8h
From 8h to 10h

* = available all season long and also available for Etringa car park.

Barbossine covered car park:

A second covered cark park is at your disposal at Petit Châtel at the Fromparture of Barbossine chairlift.

Winter 2017.2018 prices :

Bottom part
Duration Price
1 day 15 €
2 days 27 €
3 days 39 €
4 days 50 €
week 62 €
2 weeks 110 €
Season* 235 €

* = available all season long and also available for Etringa car park.

Summer 2017:

In Summer the parking is access free for everyone.

Châtel Parking: tel 33(0)4 50 81 39 61.

Outdoor car parks:

Car parks charged with pay and display machines:

Parking on those areas is charged from 15 December to 30 April and from 1st July to 31 August, everyday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Those areas are located:
  • in the village center (parking for 2 hours maximum)
  • on Meurba road (below the church- 8 hours maximum)

Car park charged with subscription:

Parking on those areas is charged from 15 December to 30 April.  Tickets are for sale at the cashier of the church car park.
Those areas are located:
  • on the right side of the Lake Vonnes car park when going up the road and only if you stay more than 2 hours.
  • At Etringa beside the water park.

Lake Vonnes parking:
- 1 day :€10
- Week ticket: €26

- Season ticket: €62

Etringa car park:
Duration Price Duration Price
15mn €0.20 2h €1
30mn €0.30 3h €1.50
45mn €0,40 4h €2
1h €0,50 5h €20
- Summer / winter seasons ticket: €110

For Camping cars:

A brand new area for camping cars is available at Pre-la-Joux where  water and electricity are provided. Those services are available only on day-time with a maxium duration of 6 hours for reloading. Parking is not authorized on that area. 15 pitches are available nearby the Pre-la-Joux chairlift. You need to buy a ticket at the terminal with your credit card (or at the waste collection centre) and put it on your front window.
- €6.30 per night.
- water token: €6.40 /150 liters
- electricity token: €6.40/6 hours
- 4 token: €19.20

5 places are also available for camping cars at the Oustalet camp site where water and electricity are also provided. Limited at 2 nights maximum.

- €6 per night.
- Electricity token: €2/hour
- Drainage - Water filling: €6.


Parking places reserved for handicaped people:

  • 1 in front of the local police office
  • 1 in front of the town hall
  • 1 in front of the tourist office
  • 1 on the chruch square
  • 10 in the church underground car park
  • 1 in front of the post office
  • 1 on the swimming pool car park
  • 3 in the Barbossine covered car park
  • 2 on the Lake Vonnes car park
  • 2 on the Linga car park
  • 4 on Pre-la-Joux car park
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